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2021-10-22 20:04 vh Rating: Bad
im getting double input on fifa 21
2021-10-21 19:08 Venom Rating: Very Good
I was able to use a ps2 controller on all my games and apps with this! Thank you so much!
2021-10-21 13:30 Naruto Rating: Normal
Narito shipuden
2021-10-14 03:41 campcreekdude Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Doesn't work old version is better.
2021-10-10 20:28 Heitor Rating: Very Bad
Doesn't Work
2021-10-05 14:30 Trucker-Fee Rating: Good
Hello dear team of x360.com

I use your program for GTA 5 and FiveM on a server.
I had no problems before on RageMP, but since I switched to FiveM I often have to uncheck Enable 1 Mapped Device to get into vehicles.

Is it the program or the server?
Can you help me with this problem?

Because the management of the server where I am, unfortunately do not know what exactly it is.

2021-10-04 00:06 muy bueno Rating: Very Good
exelente funcionando a tope espero puedan seguir actualizando
2021-09-16 02:41 CC Rating: Very Good
The Australian version... haha!
2021-09-06 00:18 Soda Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Hello, i have been facing an issue with knockout city from EA Destop app, my generic controller is working just fine with x360ce, except that i cant move my camera in the Y axis, is there a way we can fix it?
2021-09-01 13:51 Just Me Rating: Very Good
Hi, not Austrian but Australian version .. ;)


Australia and Austria

2021-08-20 00:12 Phil Dawson Rating: Very Good

Oz user here thank you for the Australian text button made it much easier to read.
˙pɐǝɹ oʇ ɹǝısɐǝ ɥɔnɯ ʇı ǝpɐɯ uoʇʇnq ʇxǝʇ uɐıןɐɹʇsn∀ ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ ǝɹǝɥ ɹǝsn zO
2021-08-11 13:58 meow Rating: Normal
got this error code thingy that says "self protection failed error code-4"

any help to fix this?
2021-08-03 23:45 ASDYY Rating: Normal
Anyone know where is the Advance tab with "Pass Through" & "Pass Through Force Feedback" check box for the New x360ce? I am not able to have force feedback on Xbox One Controller. I am using x360ce for deadzone configuration, for Xbox One Controller. No issue for old version thou.
2021-08-02 22:41 KconZ Rating: Bad
My left axis is recognised as Dpad how do I change that?
2021-08-01 23:42 MrDarkShot72 Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Hello, a few days ago I started to have a problem with the most current version and that is that when I open it the program does not finish loading and closes
2021-07-29 00:49 best program Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Grand Theft Auto V
working flawlessly
2021-07-24 21:58 Skynner Rating: Very Bad
2021-07-24 20:00 Paul Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
How do I merge 2 controllers? where is the advanced tab?
2021-07-24 08:30 Eddy Rating: Normal
hello i have downloaded the program, but is not opening.
2021-07-22 20:11 Darel Rating: Very Good
i need to know if i can download only the driver, the program dont let me install it from issues, so a cant do it by that way
2021-07-22 16:41 somone Rating: Very Bad
it´s not working in my computer!!! it's closing by it self
2021-07-21 08:28 just a regular guy Rating: Bad
man i think you need to fix your web man i mean your server are sucks i can't even download the x360ce
2021-07-18 02:14 Reuben Sammich Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Emulator was working fine last night. Today, it will not recognize my controller. Was working fantastic, and I haven't made any changes.
2021-07-13 07:56 Leslie Rating: Very Good
Hi all! Is there any command line option for x360ce? I would like to switch between profiles while in game if possible. By the way nice work! I hope that there will be more updates soon.
2021-07-12 07:01 HANkuyoma Rating: Good
1. I have 2 usb joysticks, when I use x360ce 4.17 my joysticks are just read by the computer system, is that normal?
2. after I set it on x360ce 4.17 I tried to play one game but the result was that both joysticks could move Player 1
2021-07-09 04:11 crash fix Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
if your x360ce is crashing at startup you can try repair your visual c++
2021-07-07 17:16 Rahul Chandapur Rating: Normal
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help

I am installed Don Braddamman Cricket 14 with X360CE. But whenever i want to connect with vjoy but X360CE can't detect Xinput.test. i tried so many ways to fix this problem but it can't fix. Any solution? Please advice me.
Thank you
2021-07-07 12:20 filevans Rating: Normal
the photo of the controller is upside down in the application, so the left and right bumpers and triggers the wrong way round. When left is shown being pressed it's actually right being pressed and visa versa
2021-07-06 06:55 Dead weight Rating: Normal
If some one can`t use the new ver use this ver
it worked for me
2021-07-06 06:48 Dead weight Rating: Normal
for me the new versions has some problems the latest ver always disconnected the virutal drive the scond i launched a game and 3.2.9 ver didn`t even found i had 2 controllers pluged in please fix that problems but your old x360ce.App- ver ran without any problem
2021-06-17 10:28 fuck you Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
complete morons to fuck up programming such a simple thing, saying you are double digit IQ would be generous
2021-06-15 06:04 Ibrahim Rashwan Rating: Very Good
The controller works with the game but the controls are messed using x360ce solved the problem but it's controls are being applied on top of the original game's controls for example when I press up it goes up two slots in the menu how to make override the original game's controls and take over ?
2021-06-07 18:16 Lozt Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
It just doesn't hide the HID inputs, I have tried many solutions but it just doesn't work.
2021-06-01 00:19 EDY Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
2021-05-31 07:06 anonimplus Rating: Good
i wanna add more than 4 controllers? is it possible?
2021-05-30 19:46 Bat Joro Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
I have used some old version before and everything was nice but now i can`t even install it without block my mouse or keyboard when i handle with this then it block my keyboard in game so why this is so useless now :/
2021-05-14 10:03 Mahdi Rating: Very Good
i know v4 is best at all and v3 not good much , who negative vote for v4 who cant config LOL is that your problem you cant config it, i test several times and 100 percent sure v4 is much much more better than v3
2021-05-11 14:30 Aleksandr V Rating: Bad
При подключении GP-A11 x360ce вылетает
2021-05-10 06:37 USer Pog Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Is so good, bat thing is they don't update it frequently
2021-05-10 05:15 Pablo Rating: Normal
Chapter: Rocket League
I need help to use this program with an .url executer. I'm trying to use my joystick with this program in the rocket league epic games version.
2021-05-06 16:20 yogi Rating: Very Bad
inable to find game setting online
2021-05-05 12:29 Gabriel Rating: Very Bad
Guys i unistall your software and every time a hit R2+triangle or round, he opens a virtual keyboard, and I dont know how to take this of my pc if someone could help me please
2021-05-02 23:00 Tu Puta Madreeeeeeeeeeeee Hijoeputa Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Este programa es la verga quiero que me la chupeeeeeeeeeeen pa que me den la versión beta

In English.
This program is the dick I want you to suck it to me so that they give me the beta version
2021-05-01 04:26 whatever Rating: Very Bad
This shit never works fuck this sofware
2021-04-20 09:53 T Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Something is up, it stop responding even after I downloaded the latest version. It war running fine 3 days ago what happen?
2021-04-18 01:24 D Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
very Useless
2021-04-17 11:30 ameen Rating: Normal
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
how can i configure an wireless controller . my controller is amkette gamepad pro 3 . i want to play skerio .
2021-04-13 08:48 Steve Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Dont working.
Older versions are the best :(
2021-04-07 06:06 Jhon Valencia Rating: Very Good
You can't adjust and play the game the sims4, I don't know if it might not have compatibility, I would like to be helped
2021-04-06 09:57 Mendes Rating: Normal
Quando eu abro o aplicativo x360ce com o joystick conectado o programa simplesmente não abre . Mais quando eu abro o aplicativo com o joystick desconectado o aplicativo abre perfeitamente . O que Eu tenho que fazer ?
2021-04-01 07:40 Esteban Rating: Normal
does not work properly in Mortal Kombat XL
2021-03-31 23:58 Daniel Ponte Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
I can't get the app to work. I open it and it closes after 2 seconds. If I don't have a gamepad plugged, it works, but as soon as I plug one, bum, closes
2021-03-27 15:11 aPPle Rating: Very Good
Very useful to play assetto corsa with the mapping function.

Wish I can map hw down half axis of RSY to sw full RSY... for some games.
2021-03-22 17:34 Dafaol Rating: Very Bad
Anyone have some fix for [pad0] misconfigured device check guids error??? :'(
2021-03-22 11:00 Raaj Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
My d pad is not working. Annoying as I have to use my key board when I have to go to the menu in darksouls 2. Other ways it's great.

Any solutions?????

Even after assigning the d pad for my joystick it is not working. Please any solutions?
2021-03-20 21:41 Anon Rating: Good
You should add support for ps5 controllers
2021-03-13 06:30 Nobodyfds Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Been using this for years. Used to work flawlessly. Then all of a sudden stopped working. The update probably broke this. Time to buy a real xbox 360 controller now since x360ce became garbage.
2021-03-09 19:07 RangerBraD Rating: Bad
I can't use my the App for my M-Tech Controller(USB Gamepad), help
2021-03-06 15:07 mehe Rating: Normal
jump force please
2021-03-02 21:37 gggg Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Grand Theft Auto V
gta v
2021-03-01 16:09 mike Rating: Normal
Hello this emulator doesn't work on Red dead redemption 2. How do I fix it?
2021-03-01 09:55 نككنةنوة Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
اتبلتلال نتلاىن تنى نت
2021-02-28 20:20 Thiago Rating: Good
Hi. Could you make the 360ce compatible with the accelerator and brake on the ipega 9068.
2021-02-22 15:02 Tpaseo Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
its always crushing. i cant even open it why ????
2021-02-20 18:28 Root1_2 Rating: Very Good
Tried Mafia Definitive Edition with the latest controller but not working. Can someone help me?
2021-02-20 12:30 Projesh Rating: Very Good
Thank You very much for this amazing tool...!!! Just love this..
2021-02-19 19:39 Nemesis^^ Rating: Very Bad
I am getting an unhandled exception occurred in the error of your app in the latest version please fix it
2021-02-18 16:45 Blued. Rating: Good
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Hi there,

I have downloaded this, and connected this to my Logitech G27 wheel, I am using only the wheel, to drive and go forward etc, however when I hold in my acceleration key/button/selected button, it changes my camera view, and makes my drive straight? Is there settings to turn this weird thing off?

I can be driving, and holding in acceleration button, and turning, and my car wheels turn straight and my camera in game (ROBLOX) changes weirdly? How do I fix this!??
2021-02-18 07:16 Badudu Rating: Normal
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
I used this app for almost 6 month, then when i wanna play Yakuza Kiwami, The Last Remnanr, etc. The game does not respond the app, but when i played story of season doraemon, the game respond the app, any solution please..?
2021-02-14 20:29 Sorena Rating: Very Good
It fixed my problem for resident Evil 6 because I am using a PS2 joystick and the game showed just numbers as buttons but I fixed it with your app. thank you very much, love from Iran <3
2021-02-12 23:27 MAGOOSKEE Rating: Normal
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Does x360ce work with the simucube 2 Sport?
2021-02-12 07:18 Berserk Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
I use this program before and I dont know why now it works like shit
The app doesnt work, the menu doesnt work, everything its super small and I dont know why, I cant setup my joystick because all the boxer are one on top of the other and no matter how big or small you do the window, everything looks small and one on top of the other
2021-02-11 14:28 Tempuser Rating: Normal
Version 4 doesnt work at all, crashes Win7 and disables keyboard.
V 3 work just fine, as it was earlier when I used it.
2021-02-10 18:45 Coa Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
YOu took a perfectly good emulator and made it shit, thanks
2021-02-08 17:21 greedfox Rating: Very Bad
doesn't work at all. tried everything, read everything, watched 23 separate videos... crashed my pc 7 times during use. I have never had such a miserable time with a poorly written program.

trying to connect a 8bitdo controller to rocket league...
2021-02-05 05:24 Zeeux Rating: Good
Chapter: PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller
Vibration off?
2021-02-02 12:15 Rednaxela Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Had this app for a long time. Then it just stopped working. Doesn't detect my controller, doesn't even search for drivers when I downloaded it again. All I get is a blank screen. This app WAS great. It's a fucking disaster now.
2021-01-27 04:00 Dadidu Rating: Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
My controller work but, after a while it's not responding. And my controller working again, so how do you fix this??
2021-01-21 17:37 Tudiqu Rating: Normal
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Hi guys, can someone PLEASE help me get my ps4 controller workink on Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin? I can't for the love of GOD make it work. I tried both with DS4Windows and this app and it just won't work :/
2021-01-20 22:16 Sil Rating: Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
It works very well for me in the basics.
But all the side options are double bound to various buttons.
2021-01-20 14:13 bhristian Rating: Normal
The latest version closes out every time I try to minimize it. TDoes this happen to anyone else/do you know how to remedy this issue?
2021-01-18 23:10 help me Rating: Normal
guys im having a problem with the vibration the vibration dont work pls if you can help me answer me
2021-01-18 19:34 Samuel Linares Rating: Bad
Good afternoon please I have a problem with the program and it is that I have a nintendo switch which is a pro controller and I recognize it, it says that it connected but I do not recognize the buttons, please could you help me with the problem
2021-01-17 08:09 DJDavid98 Rating: Normal
The Austrian version should probably be Australian
2021-01-15 18:53 problemi con rilevamento volante g29 Rating: Bad
Ho istallato x360ce per poter usare il g29 su gta v. Ma ho avuto problema con un gioco, che non mi rileva più il volante su euro truck simuletor 2. Come posso risolvere?
2021-01-10 16:46 coponico Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
my keyboard disables when i run x360ce
2021-01-09 06:35 Will-J Rating: Normal
I am playing Haven in Windows 10.
Had configure the controller for both controller.

In the startup of the game, both controller is working.
But once i loaded my progress of games, only 1 controller is working.
I have no clue how to fix it.
Please help.
2021-01-08 20:15 LONESTAR Rating: Good
Chapter: StreetFighterV.exe
hello first of all, the program is very good and successful. I used street fighter v without any problem, but I installed Street Fighter V Champion Edition, but I failed in x360ce application as a result of my long efforts. Is there a solution for this?
2021-01-08 12:48 Dmytro Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
My usb keyboard disables when i run the x360ce (while the mouse is still working). I have not installed HID Guardian!
2021-01-08 00:57 ABCD Rating: Good
Please develope for Android TV Plz
2021-01-06 11:53 dukes Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
why cant my gamepad find settings online
2021-01-06 03:15 Brian Rating: Good
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Works well with Rumblepad2, however, the force feedback does not work at all even when switch on. Deal breaker for me. Checked forums - lots of complaints, no solutions. Going to try something else.
2021-01-03 06:25 CanadianEh Rating: Very Good
Worked perfectly for re-mapping my 8bitdo set on DirectInput mode via bluetooth and having the rumble motors function! Usually that only happens when it is cabled via USB with the XInput mode enabled. At first it was actually functioning as both a 360 XInput controller and could function as the DirectInput controller as if it was 2 completely separate controllers, even showed as 2 unique devices at the same time but that seemed to sort itself out on its own after a few minutes.

2021-01-03 05:34 Big Fab Rating: Very Bad
Crashed all USB input devices including keyboard and mouse on Windows 8.1:
Gamemax GM-KB801 keyboard (LEDs still off as writing this)
Zelotes T-80 Big MAC mouse
Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 Joystick
Rocat APURI 4 port powered USB hub
2021-01-03 00:11 Derpy Pony Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
hello, i have a very annoying problem with version 4.x, my x360ce is
stopping working and closing a few seconds later, I tried to run as administrator and also tried to use the compatibility mode, I don't see the problem, it just closes and that's it. fix this, please.

Note¹: version 3.x is working normally.

Note²: all my Drivers are up to date.

Windows: windows10 pro
Controller: generic usb control
2021-01-02 15:13 Duvanggio Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
I decided to use this version x360ce 4. but I have a problem with an Ipega 9028 bluetooth device. The Hide option does not work in games like FIFA because it maps two different devices mapped by the same controller which does not allow to play correctly ... : 'c
2021-01-01 14:35 how Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Make sure your game is set to use XInput Devices

Its too general, more details pls
2020-12-29 14:53 meatspeanlover Rating: Very Good
Hello! Great program, everything works well! Can I change or turn off the backlight on the DUALSHOCK 4?
2020-12-28 22:22 Robo Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Hi, x360ce works mostly great. Only in newly installed game "My time at Portia" from Epicgames gamepad randomly and repeatedly stops to react for few seconds, then works fine for a while etc. Any tips how to repair this problem? (When playing side-to-side with https://gamepad-tester.com/ tester still reacts without any issue, while game lags)

Game: My Time at Portia
System: Win 10
Gamepad: iPega Bluetooth

2020-12-26 05:28 Zackmchack Rating: Very Good
Das ist ein wunderbares Programm.
Habt vielen dank!
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