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2023-06-02 05:09 pola Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Grand Theft Auto V
Steam Input is better
2023-05-29 09:45 APS Rating: Bad
Chapter: Grand Theft Auto V
Gta v Crash Gamepad fix
1.delete x360ce
2.search x360ce x86
2023-05-23 04:53 y Rating: Good
Chapter: Top 20 Devices
btw add logi g29 an logi g920
2023-05-17 16:50 Nicolas Rating: Very Bad
when i connect my joystick the app closes
2023-05-14 15:28 someone Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice
Fatal Error: Could not detect game. Make sure you are using one of the supported games and that your exe is not renamed.

didnt work app.

eve all games x360ce didnt work.
2023-04-30 08:50 Schlass Rating: Good
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
2023-04-14 12:15 Bruno Rating: Good
Estou Abrindo O Aquivo .EXE No Windows 10 e Não Esta Abrindo.. Oque Eu Faço??
2023-04-13 18:26 Ernt Rating: Normal
is there a version for Mac?
2023-04-03 11:05 El Drip, The dingus Rating: Very Good
turns out you didn't need x360ce to make the nintendo switch controller work but it's still good anyway
2023-04-01 11:26 El Drip, The dingus Rating: Very Good
My god, this is even better than BetterJoy! NO random, sudden finicky glitch now! This administrator thing saved Pro controller's worth!
2023-03-30 06:39 kenn Rating: Very Good
Chapter: FAQ
the app is amazing.. i can play any game with my gamepad now..
i was hoping you could add more features to it like battery indicator for wireless and drivers for the feedback(vibration)
2023-03-27 07:24 Kn1ght Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Hi! i just had a doubt....i want to play plutonium BO2 using a generic controller on my PC. Is there a way to make there happen? maybe using x360ce or something?
2023-03-04 22:51 Lyzzox Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Steering
not worket
2023-02-26 17:37 me Rating: Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
i delet my device in sectin add i wanr to add hem again how
2023-02-26 03:45 F-Word Rating: Very Good
Fuck you, Yago!
2023-02-21 04:57 Yago Piazzaroli Rating: Good
how do I have the sensitivity on the triggers? my control has, but in the application I can not use. It's all or nothing, not to accelerate or brake just a little ...
2023-02-19 15:58 me Rating: Good
why is it so senstive when i steer right for my steering wheel? some please help me.
2023-02-13 08:49 Lui Rating: Normal
Not working for monster hunter rise
2023-02-12 17:43 UNKNOWN Rating: Bad
can you make this work so mobile is able to also do this,it has been annoying
me lately and I can’t play some games due to this :(
2023-02-05 20:23 fifa 23 Rating: Very Bad
not working
2023-02-04 17:49 ewfwefwefergrtheth Rating: Normal
can this work on mac, if not can you make this possible?
2023-01-28 17:49 GataQuadrada Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice
You need v3(x64) for this to work. Open the app in a random folder, allow it to download the DDL, work your settings, then copy [x360ce.ini] and [xinput1_3.dll] to the game's folder.
If you use modengine, don't forget to set the DLL loading order [chainDInput8DLLPath="xinput1_3.dll"].
2023-01-16 20:56 Spice Rating: Normal
Chapter: PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller
the software you linked to is now dead, anyone still have it and can link a download ?
2023-01-04 17:31 Diego Real Rating: Very Good
it would be awesome to have more options to configure the mouse in the thumbs, something like how much the mouse movement will move the thumb, and most importantly, the thumb will go back to the center when the mouse stops moving.
2023-01-03 09:32 JK Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: FIFA 19
not working for FIFA 19, i've got ghost clicked using twin gamepad
2022-12-30 20:00 darach Rating: Normal
não consigo joga o game do deadpool os analogicos fica ivertidos
2022-12-23 05:14 EVANUS SEBASTIAN Rating: Very Good
ps4 controler is too good
2022-12-15 10:51 - Rating: Very Bad
my controller work normally in my computer's settings but does not respond in this program, can't even set up my buttons.
2022-12-11 15:23 TheDude Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Scissor vs Mechanical Switches
That's just, like... your opinion, man.
2022-12-10 09:59 Man with a problem Rating: Bad
Chapter: StreetFighterV.exe
Program still doesn't work with Street Fighter V Champion Edition. There is no way to apply second joypad.
2022-11-26 06:50 Quentin765 Rating: Very Good
It would be very cool if this app could be added to "winget" so installation through the windows command line can be very easy!

Overall a wonderful tool! I only have one controller that is completely incompatible with every-game i have. With this tool, not am I now able to use it, I can also use it to play a three player game, with the bad control as one input, the keyboard and another and even the mouse as one.

The reason I make this suggestion is so that more people can use this wonderful piece of software that invaluable to me.
2022-11-25 00:55 deputang ina nyo Rating: Very Bad
why the application is 20-11-16 and it has different from 20-11-15 and i cant config it right
2022-11-14 06:08 Jason underwood Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help

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2022-11-07 01:08 Ícaro Rating: Very Good
Olá, uso o aplicativo fazem alguns anos e ele é ótimo, recomendo a todos! Sempre consegui resolver 100% dos problemas, as vezes foi necessário mudar o local do executável para alguma pasta mais interna, outras vezes precisei fazer alguma configuração extra, mas nada muito complexo. Desde a última atualização do win 11 venho tendo alguns problemas, espero que possam resolver logo <3
2022-11-06 12:54 FF Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice
Don't try it dosnt work
2022-11-03 12:08 OLD VERSION USER Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
IS THERE SOME download source for older 4.x version? an older 4.10 version works on my computer but i could not find it anymore
2022-11-03 10:18 Arun Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Grand Theft Auto V
2022-10-26 19:12 Paulo Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
WTF did you mean to running the emulator "as administrator"?!? I need a DIRECT way to uninstall this stupid emulator, not a goddamn riddle!
2022-10-21 23:38 ThatGuyQbic Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
When I Do An Input With My Wheel,It Doent Save And When I Play My Game It Doent Work (32 bit version)
2022-10-12 13:51 Anonym Rating: Very Bad
I open the application 2 second crash in v4 why?? Can solved??
2022-10-10 21:42 Teo Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
I set it up in a matter of minutes. Any donation account?
2022-09-30 20:28 literally messed up every controller i own Rating: Very Bad
Now for some reason my PC thinks every controller input is a keyboard stroke. Just wanted to play Dead Rising 2 with a controller and now I cant remove this. Cant fix it. Thanks. No help anywhere. DO NOT INSTALL THIS.
2022-09-29 02:36 vypy Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Steering
I tried to connect my g923 but it not worked.
2022-09-20 02:05 Doesn't work for guitar hero anymore Rating: Very Bad
Version 3 doesn't work on modern systems because it doesn't detect controllers, and version 4 isn't capable of changing the controller type to guitarAlternate, meaning you can't use this on older guitar hero games anymore
2022-09-14 18:46 Miguel Rating: Very Bad
the 4.17.15 version autocloses each time i plugged my usb 2.0 noga net joystick in. is u
it my joystick? old versions at least didn't do that
2022-09-14 15:02 Why Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice
Doesn't work with any old controlers don't even try
2022-09-12 17:17 a tester Rating: Good
v4 need a performance update for windows 11
when i install x360ce driver windows 11 go slow down and Regiment most time
2022-09-07 10:15 Eric Pan Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Frankly,the update sucks
2022-09-01 13:12 abdulrahman Rating: Very Bad
the worest program ever i hope any one answer this program had destroyed my controllers i bought it yester day and what happend its now destroyed
2022-08-31 22:40 Abdelrahman Tarek Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
the 64 bit version dont want to work for me it says that i need net frame v4 but i already got it cuz i have win 10 installed so i checked the features in the control panel and net frame was working properly so i dont know what to do i loved this thing and i need it to work so please help me!
2022-08-29 22:52 LMO Rating: Normal
¿Alguien pudo hacer funcionar el emulador en el juego cult of the lamb?
2022-08-19 16:00 LMT Rating: Very Good
tại sao tui ko có button 8 trở lên v, tui đã làm nhiều cách nhưng cũng ko có button 9,10,11,12...
các điều chỉnh khác cũng vậy nó chỉ đến 8
2022-08-14 23:15 Miguel Rating: Bad
Why is the program closing everytime I connect my controller? Isnt that totally against emulation purpose?
2022-08-14 13:01 Phillip Rating: Bad
Hello can someone help me with this problem.
When I open the application with the controller attached, the application just crashes. And when I enter the x360ce application without the controller attached, it works perfectly normally. What should I do to fix this problem?
2022-08-07 07:16 YGRITE Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
first it's work in sekiro shadow die twice but when i intall mod the soft ware didn't work

it said: Fatal Error: Could not detect game. Make sure you are using one of the supported games and that your exe is not renamed.
2022-08-03 13:50 forgotten Rating: Very Good
i really enjoyed austrian mode on the site
2022-08-01 17:26 berkan Rating: Normal
fifa 19 double input issue. Please help
2022-07-31 11:26 suly Rating: Very Bad
always stop working during any game and i have to restart it over and over
2022-07-30 13:58 gsx96 Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Used to work. Now the damn thing works inside its own app and nowhere else. What ever you did, congrats. Turned a perfectly good piece of software into a hunk of useless time vampire dogshit.
2022-07-23 17:56 D3bs38 Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
worst emulator ever, when you have steamgrid this is just useless lol
2022-07-23 15:39 elias Rating: Very Good
2022-07-21 21:09 Olá Rating: Normal
eu tenho um controle original de xbox 360 com fio
e ele trava usando no win 11 ... vc teria uma dica pra e ajudar obrigado
2022-07-20 19:50 SQUARE FAN Rating: Good
I want to talk about a problem with x360ce emuator. When I open the emulator for the new game it says that needs to crear xinput1_3.dll file. But this file not always works, for some games it needs to be rename. For example, for Nier Automata, it needs to be renamed to xinput1_4.dll and for FFXV or Nier Replicant it needs to be renamed to xinput9_1_0.dll. It has been a trouble to find this solution. I think the emulator should generate the correct name for this .dll. BTW thanks you for all your work.
2022-07-14 20:43 david babic Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
ur program have problem now and then it doesent recognise like right analog exists...when i turn off analog by the middle button it recognize it like im touching buttons so its not something with my controller ... tryed on 2 controllers and still not working .. BAD SOFTWARE
2022-06-28 21:40 Me Rating: Very Good
Australian NOT Austrian
2022-06-25 17:13 TONY Rating: Very Good
2022-06-20 19:44 mikun Rating: Good
Chapter: Grand Theft Auto V
i don't know if anyone has the same issue but i am using s ucom pad and my 1 and 4 buttons aren't working on my gta v but they work on other games i don't know what the issue is but i need help pls i would greatly appreciate it
2022-06-15 22:43 Leprechaun Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
A fairly new game "Soda Crisis" did not work, the new version of the emulator did not work, installed the old one of 2018, launched it from the game folder and cloned the xinput1_1 file, changing the numbers, as indicated in the example and it all worked!) Thank you
2022-06-10 16:05 Rickolu Rating: Normal
Hi. So my PC detects my controllers in 'Devices and Printers' menu but when I right click -> game controller configuration, the window that pops up ('Game Devices') is empty. I thought this was cause I needed to map that controller with some program like DS4Windows or x360ce but those programs don't even start/crate a controller profile cause they don't even detect it. Any help? Thanks. (This happens with ALL kinds of controllers, from PS2 adapters, to PS3 and PS4)
2022-06-07 17:49 Lucas Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
I open x360ce for all games with the controller adapter for ps2 and it closes by itself
2022-05-22 12:36 OSH Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Any chance for Linux version?
2022-05-08 22:40 mo7med Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Blur.exe
How do I get a blur game to play with shields
2022-05-08 05:22 nobody12331 Rating: Very Bad
my x360 dont execute
2022-04-25 22:20 wow Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
my keyboard does not work. thx. very useless
2022-04-24 20:42 Very upset Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
Many familiar features are missing, I have to use this version but it sucks. The old version I WANT to use but it gives me an error that prevents it from reading literally any controllers.

There needs to be a manual or something for this program. It's too screwy right now.
2022-04-20 02:41 GamesFile Rating: Normal
I couldn't make it work with the following games

SaGa Frontier

2022-04-03 12:17 Виктор Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Steering
Hello. My Logitech G923 is not supported in this program. This is really missing! When can I wait for the addition of support for my steering wheel?e
2022-04-02 23:21 Gustavo Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
I formatted my PC yesterday and today downloaded the Emulator again, but it does not open at all. Does anyone know what that could be? What files are he missing from opening? And yes I've already installed DLL xinput, Visual C+++, Net Framework, DirectX. But he still doesn't want to open it. I'm even giving up trying to make it work.
2022-03-29 14:50 urazyjazzy Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
it crashes to desktop after 2 seconds
2022-03-13 17:59 Rafael Nunes de Sousa Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
Erro PAD0, não faço ideia de como resolver, só encontro vídeos e soluções em inglês.
2022-03-13 13:25 fuck this Rating: Very Bad
the app keeps crashing all of fucking cunts
2022-03-07 02:15 EK Rating: Good
Please add the ability to increase/decrease overall sensitivity across an axis' entire range.

For example, my Thrustmaster T150 wheel has tu turn twice as far as the ingame wheel in GTA5. I cannot increase the sensitivity such that the output values reach 0 and 65535 when the steering wheel is at 90 degrees wither way. I still must turn it 180 no matter what.
2022-03-04 14:37 Morftiz Rating: Normal
I need help with my controler. i follow every single tutorials on this forum,app help and youtube tutorial.but i still can use my cotroler because its says "System.Componentmodel.Win32Exeptions(0x80004005)"and i dont know what its mean
2022-03-01 08:10 VictorMan74 Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
I use x360ce x32 and x360ce x64 for some games to convert mi G29 in one xBox Controller for this games.
So far everything is correct.
But I found two games where neither works for me.
I decided to use x360ce (ALL) for these games and SURPRISE!!!
My G29 has now changed settings.
Until then the accelerator and brake were recognized by all programs (MAME, Joy2Key, PC Games...) as Left Stick Up and Down.
After running x360ce this has changed and now the pedals on my G29 are Z axis + and -.
Not just for x360ce where that is precisely what I want.
have switched to Z axis for all programs whether x360ce is running or not.
I have searched everywhere in the WIndows registry without finding bada from x360ce, Jocys, Toca or Vig Em Bus, I have uninstalled VigEm Bus, uninstalled LG Hub and cleaned everything related to LG HUB from the windows registry and its remains in folders such as AppData or Programdata.

There is no way, I can't get my G29 to return to its previous state, the pedals have already been left as a Z axis and there is no way to change it.
Now the clutch is the one who makes the Left Stick Up and Down.
Does anyone know what could be causing it and how to fix it.
There are many systems that I already have configured with the initial configuration of the steering wheel.
I have not been able to reproduce this problem on another PC with another G29.
There it maintains the factory configuration and in device type it recognizes it as "Driving" while in my PC it puts type "Joystick" and has changed the configuration.
2022-02-24 11:33 Серега Рулит Rating: Good
Что за бред я написал ниже, я не так писал, там все не так. Регулировку чувствительности сделайте стикам.
2022-02-24 11:30 Серега Рулит Rating: Good
Программа лучшая что я встречал, но есть недостаток, который я очень советую автору поправить. Использую для руления мышью. Проблема в том что игр много, а программа одна. Нет возможности эксплуатировать программу на dpi мыши в 1000. То есть программа не имеет регулировок джойстиков по чувствительностям, есть только мертвые зоны и сглаживание. Это меня сильно бесит. Я люблю чувствительность мыши в 1000 dpi, я не хочу играть на 600 dpi, я хочу играть на 1000. А эта программа заставляет меня играть на 600 dpi и я не чего не могу с этим поделать. Это плохо. Регулировки чувствительности стиков этой программы равнодушны даже к системным стандартным настройкам мыши, когда там я ставлю 3 тию палочку в виндовс, то программа не уменьшает чувствительность стика, это очень плохо, это буквально провал в настройках. Я не могу регулировать чувствительность стика при использовании мыши, исправите это пожалуйста. Я использую эту программу только для мыши, мне нужно регулировать чувствительность. У меня в мыши 16 000 dpi, а я обязан пользоваться 600 dpi только потому что эта программа ограничивает меня этим.
2022-02-17 01:04 Jeshu Rating: Very Good
Hi, I'm from Chile. I love this program for windows, but I would like to know if you could do something like this for Android. The entire community would greatly appreciate it. We would even pay or have a free version with advertising. The truth would be revolutionary to have something like this on Android.
2022-02-12 15:25 Naruto Rating: Good
2022-02-10 12:20 Hello Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
d-pad works fine but ABXY buttons don't work at all.
2022-02-07 15:20 Dhia Rating: Very Bad
hello my controller work on x360ce but not in game any help
2022-02-05 15:38 junaid Rating: Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
jocys.com x360 controller emulator has stopped working
2022-01-31 06:19 Lone Falcon Rating: Normal
Chapter: Version 4.x Download & Help
does it work on modern warfare 3?
2022-01-26 06:27 CivilJow56 Rating: Very Bad
I am so pissed that x360ce doesn't work with my PS4 controller and I cannot use it for Sekiro.
2022-01-25 01:51 Xbox 360 controller Rating: Normal
This doesn’t work with nsuns 2 for some reason and it says I’m connected but as soon as the game launches it disconnects
2022-01-16 15:52 Ard Rating: Very Good
Thans for this great app.
Works realy great in GTA V with a FPV mod.
Super! Keep up the good work.

2021-12-31 14:38 nnarbo Rating: Normal
2021-12-29 14:16 me Rating: Very Bad
Chapter: Version 3.x Download & Help
dogshit update. if it ain't broke don't fix. fucking cocksuckers.
2021-12-27 23:18 Scuff controller guy Rating: Very Good
Chapter: XBOX One For Windows
I’m trying to connect an Xbox series x scuf to play warzone. The game won’t recognize the controller plugged in to usb so I tried to use this emulator but when I get in game to play everything works except I can’t ADS(aim) and shoot at the same time. If I pushed them together to it basically cancels both buttons out as if I didn’t press anything. What binds should I have for Left and Right Trigger on an Xbox One scuf controller?
2021-12-20 12:58 Gta v Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Grand Theft Auto V
Please give me GTA v game please
2021-12-20 12:57 Gta v Rating: Very Good
Chapter: Grand Theft Auto V
Very good app
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