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How to split triggers into two axes or combine into one axis?

Windows 10 ► Control Panel ► Devices and Printers ► Controller ► Right mouse click on "Controller" icon ► Select "Properties" from menu ► "Hardware" tab ► Select "XINPUT-compatible HID Device" ► "Properties" button ► "Change Settings" button ► "Driver" tab ► "Update Driver" button ► "Browse my computer for drivers" ► "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer" ►

Select to COMBINE triggers into one axis (default) • Left Trigger = Z Axis(2) (32767-65535) • Right Trigger = Z Axis(2) (32767-0):

XINPUT-compatible HID device • may not work with older games that don’t support XINPUT.

Select to SPLIT triggers into two axes • Left Trigger = Z Axis(2) (0-65535) • Right Trigger = Z Rotation(5) (0-65535):

HID-compliant device • triggers may behave as buttons... or...
HID-compliant game controller • not all games may recognize triggers as axes.

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